Sydney Locksmith Service, Applied Locksmiths

Residential & Commercial Service

Applied Locksmiths can provide a wide range of skilled services and support to customers. There are many advantages that a mobile locksmith can bring to a customer. The first advantage is that services are tailored and designed to meet your specific needs. Applied Locksmiths will visit the premises and in consultation with you and discuss all work specifications required.

Applied Locksmiths can arrange for temporary securing of premises and even arrange replacement of complete doors and windows when necessary.

Locks Supplied & Fitted

Installation of locks.
We can install a variety of quality locks to your home or office. We make sure that these locks comply with insurance requirements as well as any fire door and fire exit regulations.

We provide an emergency lock out service to let you back into your office or home. For your own security we ask you for a photo ID such as a drivers licence or passport at the time of re-entry.

We can easily re-key your existing locks when you've had your keys stolen, moved into a new home or lost any keys. This means that any old keys will no longer work. We can also "key alike" any existing locks, so you have one key to open all your doors.

Dead Locks, Window Locks & Sliding Door Locks

Burglaries are always a concern and in a significant percentage of burglaries, the criminal enters the victim's home through an unlocked door or window. Window and sliding door locks are often over looked when securing your premises. The most common locks on front doors are different styles such as lever sets or knob sets. These do not provide sufficient security and should be supplemented with a deadlock. They can also be keyed alike so you need only one key for both. Applied Locksmiths can supply and fit all types of entrance sets.
A dead latch is a convenient deadlock that has a spring loaded bevelled latch, which automatically deadlocks when the door is closed.
The Lockwood 001 is the most common dead latch in Australia approved for most apartment fire doors. The advantage of a dead latch such as the 001 is that it always lets you out in case of an emergency without having to find the key. It also has a double locking function which can be used to secure your property and assets.
Dead bolts
Deadbolts are available in single and double cylinder form. To lock or unlock a double cylinder deadbolt a key is always required
Lockwood 355
The Lockwood 355 is a quality residential or commercial double deadlock suitable for hinged and sliding doors. This lock is a lot more resistant to wrench and other break in attempts due to its unique interlocking system.
Window Locks and other Auxiliary locks.
We stock a variety of window locks, auxiliary locks and bolts that comply with insurance requirements

Restricted Key Systems & Master Key Systems

We can upgrade your locks any time with a master key system. If you want your home more safe and secure we can have a master key system installed for you right away to give you the added security that especially in these days we all need.
Many big offices, hotels and places with many doors use a master key system to have extra added security. We provide the most up to date master key options. For many locks we can put a master key system. We can also put a master key system on almost any group of locks. If you are in need of very secure and restricted access then you need a master key system. We can create a customized master key system to suit your needs.
A master key system is a set of locks that can be opened individually and also having a master key that can be used for all the locks. It’s the creation of more than one key for a lock or a set of locks. In many buildings and offices some employees get access to only some locks. If you need access control to a lock or group of locks then have one of our trained professionals install a modern master key system for you.

Keys Cut To Code

You will find these types of locks on Lockers, Letter Boxes, Desks, filing cabinets, Vehicles and many other locks. Your key will display a code normally a number. A good habit to get into is to record these codes as we may be able cut a key instead of replacing the entire lock

Safe Specialist

Keep Your Possessions Safe and Secure from every potential danger due to thieves, vandals and fire damage. We can supply and fit a safe to meet your needs.

Different Safe types include, • High Security Safes • Luxury Safes • Fire and Burglary Safes

Repairs & Service

Residential Locksmith Services:

Emergency lockout opening
Change install repair upgrade any type of lock
Re-key and supply master systems
Replace install repair all door accessories and hardware

Commercial Locksmith Services:
Emergency lockout opening
Change install repair upgrade any type of lock
Re-key and supply master systems
Change install repair all door accessories and hardware

Your Privacy & Security

Applied Locksmiths understands your need for privacy and hence your privacy is respected. Even if Applied Locksmiths have access to classified information about your business, Applied Locksmiths will not reveal it to others. If you discontinue our services too, we do not entertain third party divulgence of classified or sensitive information such as the security features installed or of its type. Applied Locksmiths provides services to residential, commercial, and business establishments which including lawyers, real estate agents, banks, and other government departments

Friendly Professional Service

Applied Locks are experience in all types of lock repairs, and replacement services. Applied Locksmiths have made it a priority to employ friendly licenced locksmiths who are sensitive to your situation.

Pensioner Discounts

Present your pension or seniors card and we will give you a discount!

Mobile Locksmith Service

Our fully equipped mobile locksmith vans provide a quick, reliable locksmith service. When Applied Locksmiths come out to your location we will do our best to offer a simple and cost effective solution for your lock problem.